• Austria OL champions 2019
  • Austria OL champions 2019


Lords club history

Lords Cricket Club (LCC) was established in Vienna, Austria in 1989. It had initially 13 founding members, but over the years the number of members has risen to 30 playing members and 10 non-playing members. At present LCC consists of a large number of expatriate Indians who have a relatively sound knowledge of Cricket and some who are in the learning process.

On the field LCC has been highly successful in Austrian cricket winning the Austrian Open League Championship 4 times and finishing runners-up thrice. It has won the Österreichische Meisterschaft Cup for two years in succession and has won the Trophy Championship.

Lords is a regular member of the Austrian Cricket Association which acts as the umbrella organisation and represents Austrian Cricket at the international level. Currently ACA represents 16 Cricket clubs in Austria.

The club is registered with the Vereinspolizei of Austria as a non-profit seeking club. The office-bearers of the club are elected in a democratic fashion and serve for a period of one year.

The club has regular practice sessions through out the year. During winters LCC trains indoor halls while in summer practice takes place outdoors on proper and dedicated cricket grounds.

Lords Cricket Club takes part in the Austrian Open League as well as in the Trophy Championships playing 50-over as well as T-20 format. During summer many friendly matches are played with local teams as well as visiting teams from Europe.

Lords Cricket Club realizes the importance of youth development and has started working in this direction. The youngsters are supported and advised by the senior players during training sessions and matches at all levels.

LCC welcomes all who would like to play cricket in the true spirit of the game. This year LCC celebrates its 24 years of existence and is, as all through these years, dedicated to the game of cricket and to its spreading in Austria especially among the youth.